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Dingle Distillery Is Excited To Present Lúnasa Single Malt, The Latest Edition In Its Wheel Of The Year Series

The fourth release in Dingle Distillery’s Wheel of the Year series – Lúnasa Single Malt

Dingle Distillery is excited to present Lúnasa Single Malt, the latest edition in its Wheel of the Year series, this comes after the successful launch of the Samhain, Lá Le Bríde, and Bealtaine editions. Lúnasa is the fourth release in a series of nine limited-edition whiskeys. This new release is available August 1st at DingleDistillery.ie and across off-licenses and stores nationwide.  

Lúnasa Single Malt, the fourth instalment in Dingle Distillery’s Wheel of the Year series, pays homage to the rich traditions and folklore surrounding Lúnasa. This limited-edition release encapsulates the spirit of the festival and pays respects to the mother of Lugh, a god of Irish mythology, who is said to have died of exhaustion after preparing Ireland’s fields for farming. The Wheel of the Year collection follows the rhythm of the seasons, equinoxes, and solstices, which will culminate in a special ninth release to honour Wren’s Day—an esteemed event in Dingle’s culture and heritage. 

Elliot Hughes, the Managing Director of Dingle Distillery, says, “We are delighted to introduce Dingle Lúnasa Single Malt, the highly anticipated fourth release in our Wheel of the Year series. This exceptional whiskey pays tribute to our cultural heritage, and we cannot wait for whiskey enthusiasts to experience it.” 

Crafted with care, Lúnasa Single Malt has undergone maturation in Bourbon casks with an exquisite Widow Jane Bourbon cask finish. The nose offers enticing aromas of ripe red berries, warm salted caramel, lemon sherbet, and creamy butter fudge. Upon tasting, the palate unveils the sweetness of barley sugar accompanied by a subtle hint of spice and tantalizing notes of dark chocolate with raspberries. The experience culminates in a lingering warmth from ginger and spice, leaving behind a delightful blend of dark fruits and caramel notes.  

Tasting notes for Dingle Lúnasa Single Malt:  

Nose: Ripe red berries, warm salted caramel, lemon sherbet and creamy butter fudge 

Taste: Barley sugar with a pinch of spice and hints of dark chocolate with raspberries 

Finish: Ginger and spice create a warm glow and slowly leaves dark fruits and caramel notes 

Lúnasa Single Malt (50.5% ABV) will be available for purchase from August 1st, 2023, at DingleDistillery.ie, as well as select off-licenses and stores nationwide. Priced at €85 per 70cl bottle, the new release is set to be highly sought by whiskey enthusiasts and collectors alike due to the limited supply available of 10,000 bottles. 

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