Dillisk Brown Bread Recipe From Lough Eske Castle
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Dillisk Brown Bread Recipe From Lough Eske Castle

A homemade recipe from the team at Lough Eske Castle. This flavoursome Dillisk Brown bread recipe, has all the qualities of comforting Irish food at it’s best. Dillisk, treacle, honey, buttermilk and Guiness, as part of the ingredients, you know for sure that tradition, meets artisan craft in one perfect recipe to be shared with loved ones.


500g strong wholemeal flour
350g of strong flour
90g of wheat brans
8g of salt
1 tsp dried dillisk
175g of treacle
25g of Honey
600ml of buttermilk
60g of butter
40g of fresh yeast
1 egg
200ml of Guinness
100g walnuts


1. Place the dried ingredients in one bowl.
2. Warm up the treacle, butter and golden syrup.
3. Add a small amount of buttermilk until combined then add
in the rest of the buttermilk along with the yeast and the egg.
4. Leave the yeast mixture to activate in a warm place.
5. Pour the liquid into the flour and start mixing
6. Add the Guinness only near the end
7. Pour the mix in greased mould half way and leave it to rise
until it reaches near the top.
8. Place it in the oven at 160 degrees Celsius until cooked
(approximately 45 minutes).


Dillisk Brown Bread Recipe From Lough Eske Castle



Dillisk Brown Bread Recipe From Lough Eske CastleHead Chef at Lough Eske Castle, is Armagh born Richard McKee. Earning his stripes training as a chef in college in Newry, spending many years honing the craft in several five star hotels across Ireland as well as internationally. His food ethos is “minimal wastage, clever utilisation of seasonal produce, as well as health being considered when creating a dish.” He has been decorated with several Rosettes over the years, and his specialty is pastry, crediting his mother for introducing him to the art of wedding cake making when he was a child. He works alongside his younger brother Andrew McKee, who assumes the role of Sous Chef at the kitchen in Lough Eske Castle.



Dillisk Brown Bread Recipe From Lough Eske Castle


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