Valentine’s Wines for Every Type of Couple

Different Valentine's Day Wines for Different Types of Couples

The couples who drink together stay together, and just as it happens with many aspects of life, those sharing lots of time together tend to develop common interests besides each other, from hobbies to opinions to, of course, Valentine’s wines.

When it comes to drinking, while a study published last year pointed out how that having similar drinking patterns actually contributes to a marriage’s quality (confirming what every wine-loving couple already knew), however, it’s not just about how much but about what.

Since no two wines are the same, finding the perfect bottle to share with your partner can be the first of many pleasures to enjoy together on a romantic evening.

Although every relationship is its own little world, the following Valentine’s wines recommendations will give you inspiration to share something special depending on your other shared interests.


Different Valentine's Day Wines for Different Types of Couples

Whether you are just starting to find out how much you enjoy each others company or you’ve extended the honeymoon phase for way long after the return flight was completed; you both will smile when asked how was your Saturday and not just because you had a wonderful night’s sleep.

The best wines for your romantic evening are those that spark the senses… Bubbles, bold flavours and food-friendly, spicy bottles of red that won’t need long discussions to be enjoyed.


Different Wines for Different CouplesCanard Duchene Rose Champagne

Available at O’Briens Wines

Lively, fruity and with a teasing palate of strawberries and raspberries, this crisp and electrifying Champagne is elegant and fun.

Sip it as an aperitif or just with strawberries, soon its bubbly charm will do its magic.

Different Wines for Different CouplesLa Chablisienne Chablis La Pierrelé


Available at Martins Off-Licence

A classic Chablis, sharp and with a tempting balance between green apple, zesty citrus fruit and a see-breeze like minerality.

Pair it with oysters. You’ll thank us later.

Different Wines for Different Couples Monteflores Malbec 


Available at Marks & Spencer

Embrace the spiciness of this rich and vibrant Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina. Aromas and flavours of blackberries and ripe cherries are warmed by cinnamon, clove and vanilla. With moderate tannins and a velvety texture, it’s one to please the senses.


Different Valentine's Day Wines for Different Types of Couples

You watch the obscurest documentaries on Netflix and take great pride in your eclectic playlists. Visiting farmer markets and vintage boutiques together is great fun, and at night, you can be spotted at artsy soirées, local band gigs and events with plenty of creative photo opportunities.

Just as you take pleasure in discovering charming, independent cafés, you’ll be delighted with charming, independent wineries and off the beaten track grapes and regions, so try something quirky and unique to celebrate your awesomeness.


Different Wines for Different Couples Fritz Muller Perlwein Trocken


Available at Donnybrook Fair

Apple blossom, lemon, nectarine and a delicate mineral note combine in this delicious German sparkling. Step out of the Champagne, Cava and Prosecco triangle and sip on a glass of fine Perlwein, made from the Müller-Thurgau variety. Not one for the sheeple.

Different Wines for Different Couples Casebianche Aglianico Rosato Frizzante ‘Il Fric’


Available at Mitchell and Son

Metallic bottle cap instead of a mainstream cork or a screw cap top? Checked. Organic? Obvs. From a non global grape variety? Aglianico, baby.

Flavours of redcurrant, pomegranate and raspberry dominate in this unusual fizz.

Different Wines for Different Couples Domaine René Favre et Fils, Petite Arvine


Available at Searsons Wine Merchants

This indigenous grape variety from the Valais in Switzerland is definitively not something you’ll find on your local supermarket.

With an intense minerality and zesty lime, this sharp and mouth-watering white is balanced by a silky texture.


Different Valentine's Day Wines for Different Types of Couples

Travelling the world together is the dream: you’ve backpacked, AirBnB’d and mingled with the locals. Your shared love for travelling and the joy you take in discovering new places together make you each other’s ideal holiday companion.

Share a wine from a beautiful, remote destination or an exotic region, and while you enjoy your glass, perhaps start planing a future trip!


Different Wines for Different Couples Delheim Pinotage Rose


Available at O’Briens Wine

Its light coral gleams evoke a beautiful South African sunset.

Made almost entirely from Pinotage, one of the country’s flagship grape, this berry-packed, light bodied bottle is ideal to share as an aperitif of with spicy foods.

Different Wines for Different Couples Atlantis Santorini


Available in Marks & Spencer

Close your eyes and think of a dream escape to sun-loved Santorini.

A sip of of this crisp white mostly from the Assyrtiko variety will at least bring the island’s sunshine to your lips as well as flavours of lime and a delightful sea-breezy minerality.

Different Wines for Different Couples Chateau Dereszla Tokaji Frizzante


Available at Mitchel and Sons

Tokaji, Hungary, is famous for its lusciously sweet dessert wines, however, dare to explore their sparkling and you shall be rewarded with a refreshing and easy to drink bubbly. White fruits and a hint of passionfruit come from the pleasant mix of the Yellow Muscat and Harslevelú grapes.


Different Valentine's Day Wines for Different Types of Couples

You have had countless debates about Star Wars and you can spend hours in front of a PC saving the universe or at least winning together at your favourite game. When you hear the phrase Role Playing Game, you need clarification and you have a soft spot for cool gadgets.

Share a bottle of wine with an interesting story, or a link to any of the many hobbies you guys love.


Different Wines for Different Couples Torres Celeste


Available from O’Briens Wine

This intense Ribera del Duero’s label is a stargazer’s treat. Its silver sky map will mimic the one seen from the the vineyard at night.

Take this rich red, generous in ripe red berries and spice to a rooftop dinner and look at the stars together, telescope optional.

Different Wines for Different Couples Santa Rita Medalla Real Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon


Available at Fine Wines Off Licence

This popular Chilean winery has recently launched an ambitious project that is taking them “from planting grapes to growing wine“. Cutting edge technology and ground breaking research at the service of wine’s improvement? Count us in! Try this elegant, Cabernet Sauvignon, rich in blackcurrant and dark fruit and with cocoa, vanilla and toast to complement it.

Seifried Grüner VeltlinerSeifried Grüner Veltliner


Available at Mitchell and Son

Don’t let the fact that Nelson, New Zealand, is the home of the “One Ring” (the one to rule them all) be the only reason to explore wines from this region. This delicate, lemony and creamy white wine, with a pleasant touch of white stone fruit on the palate deserves its own fellowship!


Different Valentine's Day Wines for Different Types of Couples

You enjoy the fine things in life and you appreciate good art, intelligent conversation and of course, great wine. You are elegant and get frequent praise for your good taste, and you care about the little details, from your place’s decor to your daily outfit.

In wine too, you want the best, so reputation and consistency are things that matter to you.


Château Claymore AOC Lussac (Bordeaux)


Available at O’Briens Wine

A Lussac St. Emilion blend of 85% Merlot, 10% Cbernet Franc and 5% Malbec made to please the palate and warm the heart and great to serve with a premium home-cooked steak (wink wink). Ripe blackberries and sweet spices blend in this full-bodied red, elegant and velvety, complex and generous as true love.

Different Valentine's Day Wines for Different Types of CouplesBollinger Grande Année 2007


Available at O’Briens Wine

Champagne producers don’t make a vintage bottle every year, it takes a particularly good one for them to say hey, let’s do something extra special. This beautiful bubbly is made from 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay. It’s elegant and complex, with toasted and nutty notes and the depth of flavours that only long term relationships can achieve.

Henri et Gilles Buisson, Saint-Romain ‘Sous la Velle’ 2013 – Blanc


Available at Le Caveau

An organic Burgundian with admirable structure and a gracious harmony between apples, lemon curd and butter.

Rich and full bodied, this is a treat for the white wine lover in your life.


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