Diageo to Transform St. James Gate into One of the Most Dynamic Urban Quarters in Europe

Diageo to Transform St. James Gate into one of the Most Dynamic Urban Quarters in Europe

Diageo Ireland has announced its plans to transform a part of its St. James Gate site at the heart of The Liberties area in Dublin into one of the most dynamic urban quarters in the country and in Europe.

With this decision, the home of Guinness will start a new chapter in their long history at the heart of the community at St. James’s Gate, becoming more interactive and open than ever. According to their vision statement for this new venture, the aim is for “St. James’s Gate Quarter to define the future of urban development, creating a new world-class dynamic city quarter.”

The project will centuries-old vat houses, brew houses and cooperages transformed into incredible spaces to “house and inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs, residents, visitors, dreamers and doers.”

St. James’s Gate Quarter will be part of the regeneration of the Liberties, an area with a rich history in brewing, distilling and entrepreneurship. The project is in tune with the Dublin City Development Plan 2016-2022 and will focus on sustainable urban planning, around public transport nodes.

Diageo has undergone comprehensive consultation with the people within the community to listen their views on how the St. James’s Gate Quarter can best be developed.

To make this project a reality, they’re seeking a developing partner to help them transform, restore and “embark in and adventure that embraces new and old, residential and commercial, to ultimately create one of Ireland’s and Europe’s most dynamic quarters.”

More information: sjgquarter.com

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