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Diageo Showcased Range of World Class Drinks to Mix at Home in Hatch & Sons
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Diageo Showcased Range of World Class Drinks to Mix at Home in Hatch & Sons

Last Monday 5th of December, Diageo Ireland hosted a festive event at Hatch & Sons in which the company showcased a range of World Class Drinks that are ideal to mix at home, specially during the holiday season. An intimate gathering of people from the food and drinks industry and specialised media were present.

Peter O’Connor, Diageo Reserve Ireland Ambassador and Diageo Master of Whiskey, was in charge of crafting the cocktails on the evening, and during the event, he introduced creations with Bulleit Bourbon, Tanqueray Gin, Ketel One Vodka and Rum Zacapa.

See below some images from the event…


About World Class Drinks

“You are thirsty for new experiences. You appreciate craft and quality. You fill your home with luxury tech and beautiful furniture. You know great ingredients and you prepare restaurant quality food. Why then, do you not bring that same care and energy to quality drinks? You would expect the best on a night out. Why not on a night in?

World Class makes it easy to prepare the highest quality mixed drinks at home. From a post work G&T to an after- dinner Old-Fashioned when your friends come around. The best bartenders, bars and spirits around the world have come together to revolutionise the at-home drinking- experience and help you ‘Make Your Drinks World Class’.

This isn’t about making you a World Class bartender. It’s about inviting you to learn from the best and have a go. Equipping you with insider knowledge and secrets from the best. Helping you understand that using fresh ingredients and World Class spirits brands matter, and it isn’t as hard as you think.”

More via World Class Drinks’ YouTube Channel

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