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Designer Latte
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Designer Lattes are a Thing and We Need Them in Our Lives

We’re all guilty of making coffee choices based on how Instagram-friendly our cup will be and as silly as it sounds, latte art is big business.

Baristas the world over are upping their artistic game, and we have already seen Disney themed flat whites taking over our feeds, but this pales in comparison to the glamorous new latte art trend – designer lattes.

Instagrammer @CoffeenClothes is creating labelled lattes to put your wardrobe to shame and with a tagline like ‘Stylishly Caffeinated’ you won’t be able to resist taking a look at these upmarket cups of coffee.

What’s more, this Instagram feed features the kind of coffee styling we all wish we could recreate with our daily flat white – dotted with the kind of accessories we can only dream of owning!

From the iconic Louis Vuitton pattern to Burberry’s signature tartan, these stunning designer lattes let you sip your Yves Saint Laurent and gulp your Gucci. We don’t know about you, but we are very keen to get our hands on these stylish sips.

While these luxury lattes are unlikely to pop up in Dublin, you can get in on the Coffee and Clothes buzz by visiting their new online store, where you can order luxe accessories to up your coffee and wardrobe game.

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