Deliciously Healthy Dublin – The Best Places to Eat Well This Year

Christmas is officially over, and a fresh new year has just begun. More than likely we indulged a little too much over the festive season (although we regret nothing!) and the new year calls for smarter food choices to detox and cleanse our souls! In an ideal world we would all prepare healthy home-cooked dishes each day, but realistically we live busy lives, and sometimes lunch on the go will have to do. But eating out doesn’t have to mean eating unhealthily. We’ve rounded up some of Dublin’s best eateries to make your dining habits good for mind, body, and soul!


Even if you haven’t been to Nutbutter, you’ve probably seen its dreamy interiors all over your Instagram feed. Their self described “sexy healthy food” includes tasty poké bowls that are full of colourful and nutrient-rich ingredients. Here you can enjoy protein-rich bowls, fresh salad bowls as well as homemade soups and sweet delights like cocao & hazelnut toast and chocolate avocado truffles.


With two locations, Bachelors Walk and Tara Street, you won’t be waiting too long to get your Póg fix. Póg prides itself on creating fresh and wholesome food that is full of flavour. They’ve even started serving vegan afternoon tea, complete with sweet and savoury treats to tantalise your taste buds.


This Vietnamese eatery in Dublin city centre serves up incredible rice paper rolls that taste as good as they look. Filled with fresh vegetables, spiced meats, and fragrant herbs, when you visit Pang, you’ll be transported to the streets of Hanoi in no time.


Walking into Eathos you’ll be met with large overflowing bowls of lush salads that both look and smell amazing. You’ll find various influences on the menu at Eathos, in particular, Eastern Mediterranean. Using locally sourced Irish produce Eathos makes your lunchtime dining a delightful experience – who said eating healthy had to be boring?

Brother Hubbard

Both Brother Hubbard’s Northside & Southside locations offer great choices for diners who are looking for healthy dishes. Opt for the 3-salad plate served with homemade sourdough bread and hummus for a guilt-free lunch. The salad offering changes daily so you won’t get bored any time soon. A favourite dish of mine is the vegan avo special; smashed avocado & chickpea on sourdough with green lentils, red onion, tomato, smoked maple crisps and pea shoots – perfect with an oat milk latté!


The menu at Tang is greatly influenced by Middle Eastern flavours and made using fresh Irish produce. You’ll find Tang on Dawson Street and Abbey Street, so whether you’re Southside or Northside of the city you’re not too far away from a vibrant and hearty plate of food. They also open for brunch every Saturday with dishes such as buckwheat pancakes with almond butter, avocado eggs, and homemade nutty granola.

Two Boys Brew

From the moment this neighbourhood café opened its doors in Phibsborough, it was a much welcome addition, and an instant hit. I live nearby and the queues for weekend brunch are a regular sight, and a clear sign that these guys are doing something right. It’s so easy to eat healthy at Two Boys Brew with options such as slow-cooked porridge with roasted fruit compote, or vegan overnight oats with hazelnut butter! Enjoy larger dishes like avocado mash with beetroot hummus and crumbled feta (yum!), or harissa baked beans with soft poached eggs and chilli.

Sprout & Co

Sprout & Co have their own farm in Rathcoffey Co.Kildare, making their “food positive” ethos even more prominent. From farm to fork, you can be sure that you’re getting the freshest local ingredients. Choose from Sprout & Co’s signature salads such as the ‘sataysfied’ chicken bowl with brown rice and satay sauce; baked falafel bowl with sweet potato, tzatziki, and red cabbage or Japanese salmon with noodles, pak choi, and sweet miso dressing. For breakfast, you’ll be torn between vegan porridge with coconut milk and poached egg pots with various toppings.

Kale + Coco

The mission of this eatery is to create a conscious eating culture, where people can enjoy healthy food on the go. No visit to Kale & Coco is complete without a smoothie bowl. A thick and creamy smoothie base made with ingredients including rice milk and frozen banana, that is then topped with an abundance of tasty toppings such as goji berries, coconut chips, mango, cacao nibs and more. Pair these pretty bowls with superfood lattés made with cashew milk and sweetened brown rice syrup. If you’re looking for healthy food fast, Kale & Coco is your one-stop shop.

Meet Me In The Morning

Open seven days a week MMIM provides diners with menus full of food provenance. Enjoy their eggs & greens, with McNally kale, garlic yoghurt, paprika, parsley, and poached eggs. Situated on Pleasants Street this popular café is guaranteed to give you a more than pleasant experience. Packed to the rafters at weekends a wait for a table is not uncommon. Pop into the café’s neighbour Reference, for a takeaway coffee while you wait to chow down on the fabulous food that awaits you.

Sova Vegan Butcher

Just a short stroll from the café above, Pleasants Street is home to yet another mecca for food lovers. Since May 2015 this vegan eatery has been serving up fine dining style dishes with their very own unique flair. Try dishes like seitan doner kebabs, chia cheeseburgers and soya schnitzels that taste so good you won’t miss the meat alternatives. For brunch Swap your meat-heavy Irish fry with Sova’s take on the staple dish or apple & cinnamon pancakes with whipped coconut cream.


Saba has long been a favourite with Dublin diners. Its authentic food created by Chef Tao and his team uses fresh fruit and vegetables with fragrant herbs and spices that will leave you hungry for more. Their paleo caveman curry is one of their most popular dishes; full of flavour and low on calories. This gluten free dish is jam-packed with nutritious butternut squash, sweet potato, bok choi (to name a few) and served with a luscious red curry sauce. The Gaeng Karee Fuktong is another fantastic option for those on a health kick, this aromatic yellow curry is guilt-free, without losing any of its delicious flavour.

Deliciously Healthy Dublin

Sinéad is a Culinary Arts graduate from DIT. She is a passionate cook with a love of fine dining and modern Irish cuisine. A gin lover, Sinéad loves seeking out cosy new pubs and sampling a variety of craft beers.

If she’s not dining out, Sinéad loves travelling the world exploring new cultures and cuisines. Working with TheTaste allows Sinéad to fully immerse herself in the Irish food industry.

Sinead Smyth Sinead Smyth

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