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David Bowie Ice Cream
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Ground Control to Ice Cream Lovers – This David Bowie Themed Ice Cream is Out of This World

Fancy tasting an ice cream inspired by the iconic David Bowie? Well, now you can. Named after Bowie’s final album, Black Star gelato is currently available in a Berlin ice-cream parlour (but we’re hoping it makes it’s way to Ireland soon).

Created by combining chestnut ice cream with dark chocolate and a finish of cream flavoured with the smoke of a Cuban cigar, this is the ice cream of legends.

David Bowie

According to The Guardian, the ice cream was created by young Italian chef and Bowie super-fan, Angelika Kaswalder.

So if you’re planning a trip to Berlin soon, you can find the Bowie treat at Cuore di Vetro on Max-Beer-Strasse in Berlin’s Mitte district, with a scoop costing a very respectable €1.60.

David Bowie

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