Dubai’s New Floating Boardwalk Will Take You Even Closer to its Spectacular Dancing Fountain

Dancing Fountain

You can now get even closer to Dubai’s spectacular dancing fountain thanks to a newly constructed floating boardwalk in the city.

The 272-metre long walkway is located at the base of the towering Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.

The fountain, which is one of Dubai’s most popular tourist attraction, dances to the infectious tunes from world musicians, including Michael Jackson’s Thriller and iconic Bollywood dance tracks.

The new boardwalk will take tourists to within 9 metres of the fountains and you’re bound to get soaked by the 140-metre high water splashes.

Open from 5pm – 11pm daily, visitors can experience this unique viewpoint for just Dhs20 (€4.56). For more information and to book your ticket in advance, visit

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