Damn Fine Dining at Home – BANG Restaurant Takeaway Review

I’m delighted that despite all various levels of lockdown, I can still support old favourites and even get around to ticking off restaurants that have long been on my list of must tries. 

It was a happy case of the latter when I recently enjoyed BANG to go, a delicious delivery of three bags full of goodies from the Merrion Row stalwart known for its contemporary cuisine. 

Apart from my sheer delight at the amount of food laid out before me, I was very pleased to see excellent, detailed instructions for reheating and serving my feast, as well as details of the provenance of the component ingredients of our five course menu. 

We kicked off with Bread 41 seeded sourdough and utterly *amazing* in-house smoked and cultured butter. I don’t get excited about bread, but no one is immune to Bread 41’s charms (Dublin’s best, quite possibly?) and the wonderful whipped, subtly sour butter was a worthy crown. 

Our next snack of lashings of lusciously marbled Coppa with Smoked Almonds made for very happy grazing indeed with a glass or two of Montepulciano.

We may even have rushed the nibbles slightly in the knowledge that the starter was one for burrata lovers (i.e us). Silky Straciatella (just the creamy centre best bit), pickled and roasted beetroot, chicory, the most perfectly crunch sourdough crouton and a finishing drizzle of peppery nasturtium oil made for a dish we fought over for the last bite. 

This was among the best starters I’ve had from any restaurant takeaway during lockdown, and believe me, I’ve had quite a few. I also enjoyed trying to emulate the Instagram photos of this dish, and the beautiful presentation made me feel like I had escaped the house for a brief minute. 

A vital component of restaurant takeaways for most of us though, is the ease of assembly. In that regard, a main of Lamb Gnocchi ticked all the boxes. This was super simple to prepare, a one pot wonder of 12 hour slow-cooked Slaney lamb shoulder in punchy nduja sauce, coating pillowy handmade gnocchi and finished with pecorino. 

I’m not ashamed to say I barely managed a photo of the Cacao Barry Chocolate, Cherry and Aero Marquise, eaten straight from the container. I can confirm it was devilishly dark, rich and deservedly devoured without haste. 

I always say I’m happiest when there is both dessert AND a cheese course, and we managed to stretch ourselves to finish strong on course number five for a real treat for fromage fiends like myself. Cratloe Hills Cheese, like Ireland’s answer to manchego, was the perfect end to an excellent meal, with crisp walnut malt rye crackers and quince jelly.

All in all, there is amazing BANG for your buck in this takeaway offering. At €60 for 5 courses for 2, it is exceptional value for the quality of ingredients and the effort that has gone into each of the dishes.

Every course is a doddle to prepare and most importantly, your minimal effort results in truly restaurant quality dishes making their way to your own dining table. Absolutely delicious from start to finish, BANG to go is damn fine dining at home. 


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