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Daithi O’Se & Indy Power Make Mediterranean Chicken

TV presenter and media personality Daithi O’Se has been announced as an ambassador for Bord Bia Quality Mark, and participated in the RTE show Healthy Home Chef this week, cooking a number of dishes that fit around his busy life with a young family.

Here he joins forces with renowned food blogger Indy Power to cook some Mediterranean Chicken in the Bord Bia Quality Kitchen.


“Ireland is an ancient and unspoilt land. There are few places to which nature has been so kind. For generations, we have intuitively understood what people everywhere are now articulating: that how we treat our environment deeply influences how it treats us. That the legacy we leave lives long into the future.
Now, from this deep-rooted commitment to sustainability, something extraordinary is springing into life. Our farmers and our fishermen, our food and our drink producers, are mobilising together — to transform the way we create food.
On our farms and in our businesses, we are measuring, learning, and improving. Then, measuring again. This is a giant leap, made up of tens of thousands of tangible steps. It is a movement, eagerly embraced throughout our community because its principles are in our nature.”

For more recipes and videos featuring Daithi visit the Bord Bia Youtube Channel.