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The name “Curim” was inspired by an old Celtic word for beer and echoes the Celtic heritage of the place where O’Hara’s Curim Wheat Beer is brewed today. Curim Gold has a higher hop rate than mainstream wheat beers and was critically acclaimed by the late Michael Jackson when he selected it amongst his top 10 favourite wheat beers in the world (The Independent, London, 2002).

Description: Fruity and aromatic refreshing wheat beer brewed at 4.3% ABV. Appearance: Bright golden hues topped by a foamy white head. Aroma: Hints of peach, banana and plum on the nose. Flavour: Curim is fruity and refreshing with undertones of peach, banana and plum and finishes with just a hint of hops to provide thirst-quenching satisfaction. Aftertaste: Curim has a higher hop rate than the mainstream wheat beers which leaves a slight tart-hoppy residue, enough to balance the delicate fruitiness and make Curim an ideal accompaniment to spicy foods.


Price Range – €3.09


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