This Fruity Spanish Garnacha Is A Getaway Red for the White Wine Drinker

This Fruity Spanish Garnacha Is A Getaway Red for the White Wine Drinker

It is often the case with people who drink exclusively or mostly white wines that they shy away from the reds due to the tannins. These are absent from white wines, but a crucial element of reds, and they’re the ones to blame (or to thank for) that sensation of dryness in one’s mouth.

However, the intensity of tannin’s presence in wines varies greatly and there are red wines that offer the combination of freshness, acidity and fruitiness that white wine lovers find so pleasing, with a subtle tannin that is happy to stay in the background.

Cruz de Piedra Garnacha 2015 is a good example. A vibrant and bright cerise red wine from Spain’s Calatayud DO, in the northeast of the country, where fresher weather contributes to convert the variety into a more restrained wine that in the warmer, Mediterranean locations where Garnacha is often grown.

Aromas of strawberries and juicy sour cherries are consistent with the wine’s taste, and accompanied on the palate by a bonanza of fresh red fruits. Tangy pomegranate comes to mind both in flavour and when thinking about its acidity.

Its tannins are soft and it drinks very smoothly, even with an ABV of 14% it feels light and refreshing, and whether you love your reds or feel like stepping into the ruby side with something approachable, it will make a great impression.

Cruz de Piedra Garnacha 2015 is available at O’Briens Wine at €13.95.


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