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Croissant Fans Rejoice as M&S Launches the Latest Bakery Hybrid: the ‘Croloaf’

Only weeks ago, with the launch of Dominque Ansel’s first UK store we we’re getting excited that the real ‘Cronut’ had come one step closer to us. Now M&S have given Ansel a run for his money and us, here in Ireland, something to get actually excited about.

This week M&S brings us its latest bakery addition, The ‘Croloaf’ – a croissant, bread loaf hybrid. Essentially a sliceable loaf of croissants. However, due to its all butter base, unlike a croissant there’s no need to eat it all in one sitting and is perfect toasted a few days later; making it the perfect store cupboard item.


According to Sadia Usman, M&S bakery expert we can now have the “convenience of grabbing a slice of toast for breakfast” as well as “the delicious buttery taste of croissants”. Really its the perfect combination of French taste and British habits.

Though already available in the US, M&S are the first to bring it to the high street and our ‘isles’. Easy to store, ‘grab and go’ and lower in calories than your average croissant- provided that you only eat one slice (114 calories per slice)- theres little not to love about M&S’ bakeries latest creation.

The ‘Croloaf’€3.50 per loaf is available is available in M&S stores now.

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