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Córdoba, Spain – The Beautiful City of Cobbled Streets and Flower Pots

Córdoba is located in the south of Spain in the sunny province of Andalucía. A small city, the historic centre of Córdoba was an important Roman city and a major Islamic centre in the middle ages.

The UNESCO World Heritage site is best known for its Mosque-Cathedral and is an ideal place to visit for a nice relaxing weekend escape to Andalucía.

Keep reading to discover Córdoba’s must-visit attractions.

The Mosque-Cathedral

Córdoba’s main attraction is its Mosque-Cathedral, which was previously a Muslim mosque until the recapture of the city in 1236. The outer gardens of the cathedral are beautiful and there is a distinct smell of honeysuckle from the trees.

With red and white arches stretching further than the eye can see, the building’s interior is truly spectacular. There’s a mix of fresh and faded paint on the arches, showing which sections of the mosque have been more exposed to the elements.

You can easily spend 2 hours inside the Mosque-Cathedral, just examining the detailed mosaics decorated around the church and marvelling at the mix of Christian and Moorish design.

The Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos

The gardens of the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos are a beautiful place to spend a morning or afternoon. There’s such a wide variety of ponds lined with sweet smelling flowers and ripe orange trees. It’s such a peaceful place to walk around.

You can also climb to the top of the Alcazar’s towers to get an impressive panoramic view of the city, exceptionally beautiful when the sun is shining.

The Roman Bridge

Located just behind the Mosque-Cathedral, the Roman Bridge of Córdoba is a magnificant sight to behold. I have always been drawn to cities that possess a mix of historical cultures and traditions, and Córdoba is definitely one of those places.

The bridge is quite wide and is an ideal spot for a great view of Córdoba’s historical centre. A little fun fact for all the Game of Thrones fans; this bridge appeared in the series as the Bridge of Volantis. I had a little “I’ve stood where the Mother of Dragons has stood” moment.

The Patios

Córdoba is known for its detailed and colourful flower patios, most of which are open to the public during Córdoba’s annual summer festival. Outside of the festival some of the patios are free, while others require a small fee.

Whether or not you choose to explore each of Córdoba’s gated patios, the entire city actually resembles one giant patio. There are flowers everywhere and a divine smell of honeysuckle. If you have even the slightest love of nature and flowers, then this is the place for you.

Equestrian Flamenco


Yes you read that correctly. A lovely building, I stumbled upon this venue in between flower pots. You can walk in, explore the stables, and get close to the horses before the show begins.

While we didn’t stay for the performance, we managed to catch a glimpse of it from the top of the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos as part of the panoramic view.

Moving to the beat of the Spanish guitar, elegantly dressed dancers paraded around the stadium with their dancing horses. It was definitely something you don’t see everywhere, well expect in Andalucía.

Getting There

Most people tend to visit Córdoba as part of a larger holiday to Andalucía. The best thing to do is to fly into Seville and drive to Córdoba, which is located an hour and a half north of city.

I’d recommend that you also try and visit Granada and Cádiz too in order to get the full Andalucían experience. Both Aer Lingus and Ryanair offer return flights from Dublin to Seville.

Córdoba is a wonderful little city that quickly became one of my favourite places in Spain. No matter how cheesy it sounds, there’s nothing quite like getting lost down pretty cobbled streets, surrounded by flowers and the smell of honeysuckle.


Sarah has always had a great love of travel, food and photography. Following her journalism degree at DCU, she developed a passion for travel writing while living in Spain.

Sarah loves exploring new places and sampling the local cuisine. Working with combines her love of food and travel.

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