Coravin's New System Promises to Keep Opened Screw Cap Wine Bottles Fresh for Up to Three Months 2
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New Coravin Screw Cap Promises to Keep Wine Fresh for Up to Three Months

Coravin has done it again: the company who brought you a system that allows you to pour fine wines by the glass without removing the cork, hence preserving the rest of your wine fresh inside the bottle for a long time, has now launched an innovative system that makes it possible to do the same with screw cap bottles.

The new accessory works in conjunction with the Coravin system and it consists on a special cap that is used to replace the bottle’s original once it has been opened. The new cap can be penetrated by the Coravin’s needle, therefore, making it possible to pour glasses of wine from them without opening them again once the cap has been replaced. Coravin promises this new device can keep wine fresh for up to three months.

The new Coravin Screw Cap comes in two configurations: The Variety Pack, which includes two sizes – standard (4 included) and large (2 included); and the Standard Pack, which includes 6 standard caps. The standard cap is compatible with over 95% of screw cap bottles. Both packs are priced at $29.95 (€25).

New Coravin Screw Cap Promises to Keep Wine Fresh for Up to Three Months

Coravin was launched in 2013 and it has changed the game for fine wine, allowing both business and individuals to serve wines by the glass without having to pour the whole bottle. The latest innovation will make it possible for many New World fine wines that come with screw caps instead of corks to enjoy the Coravin treatment in restaurants, bars and personal cellars.

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