This Amazing Wine Bar Has Opened a Rooftop Terrace Just in Time for Summer

While we know it best for being one of Ireland’s most unique and alluring wine bars, cavernous and dimly lit, The Copper Room in Limerick is about to become a perfect spot to sip Rosé in the sunshine with the opening of their new open air rooftop terrace.

Undeniably one of the most tempting spots to imbibe vino in the Treaty City, The Copper Room has a reputation for being the perfect venue to cosy up with your beloved over a bottle and cheeseboard or to catch up with friends over plenty of fine wine.

Although the low-ceilinged cave of wonders is pretty tough to beat, the new terrace at The Copper Room will let you savour an evening under the stars, in the heart of the city on O’Connell Street. Formerly part of the Roches Hanging Gardens, the building is steeped in history and a visit is always memorable.

Last summer saw the team add to the already delicious line up of premier cheese, charcuterie and the finest wines and ports with the perfect summer tipple – Frosé – so we are anticipating queues out the door with regulars trying to secure a table on the terrace, especially since there is a live DJ on site at weekends to add to the atmosphere.

We don’t know about you, but a trip to The Copper Room rooftop terrace is high up on our list of summer must-do’s already. For more information click here.

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