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Cool Down and Perk Up – 7 Best Iced Coffees in Dublin

With summer on its way, our minds are switching into a sunny palooza mode. We are in for scorching temperatures, blue skies, and DIY cooling hacks. In my world, summer season brings the one thing every coffeeholic secretly craves in face of the warm weather; iced coffees. So awaken your taste for the iced coffee craze with my lucky 7 picks from Dublin’s coffee scene.

Vice Coffee Dublin Drinks Coffee

Vice Coffee

Just a stones throw away from Ha’Penny Bridge, Vice Coffee lives in Wigwam on Middle Abbey Street, formerly known as Twisted Pepper. A top-notch spot for flat whites in my book, each summer this funky café boasts a Vietnamese Iced Coffee. Having heard stories about this now famous brew, I gave it a go a few weeks ago. I was astonished by its delicate sweetness and caffeine-charged vibrancy. The coffee was served on the rocks in a cup big enough to keep me occupied for a good few minutes. It is absolutely a must-have drink to try regardless of the season Mother Nature throws us into on the day.

Proper Order Coffee Dublin Drinks Coffee

Proper Order Coffee Co.

You can trust that the Iced Lattes at Proper Order are good given that owner Niall Wynn was crowned 2017 Irish Barista Champion. Served on crushed ice, these icy delights are then topped up with blended ice cappuccinos. Powered by Red Brick Coffee and baristas’ magic, these have a kick too. As slurped one of these down in the Smithfield cafe I was treated to a distinctive flavour with chocolate tones.

Love is Art Atelier Dublin Drinks Coffee

Love is Art Atelier

Wrapped up in green, Love is Art Atelier lives in my mind as the Mad Hatter’s wonderland cafe. Full of trinkets, art pieces, and flowers, the space radiates with charms and tranquillity, difficult to find anywhere else. With the alleged heat wave hitting Ireland, owners Wonseok and Seulgi have prepared a range of cool treats for thirsty coffee addicts. Iced Cappucino, Americano or Mocha are being served alongside their lip-smacking iced Green Tea Latte. Sporting a crown made of whipped cream, it was beautifully sweet and refreshing. I couldn’t get enough of it, draining my cup almost instantly. It is a great alternative for those taking a break from their regular coffee.

Krust Bakery Dublin Drinks Coffee

Krüst Bakery

Famous for the cronuts, Krüst Bakery in South Great George’s Street helps to caffeinate Dublin with Marley’s Coffee and the explosive Nitro Brew. Smooth and truly unique in flavour, Nitro Brew is chilled, straight from the tap coffee that will get you buzzing in no time. With that stout-like effect, that is my drink of choice for sure. The good thing is you can always give it a try as NitroBrew Ireland supplies the lovely folks at Krust Bakery all year round.

Kaph Dublin Drinks Coffee


Located in Drury Street, Kaph is a hipstery cafe oozing with great energy. This petit spot is always packed with chatter and heads, which means two things: good coffee and good people. That would be my 2nd fav’ stop for a delicious Iced Matcha this summer. Well-balanced and refreshing, it will keep you sun-kissed, self happily hopping around the Creative Quarter any time of the day. You can take it with you for a stroll or do some people watching through their huge front window. After all, it’s Dublin’s Creative Quarter. You never know who is around the corner.

Dublin Cookie Company Dublin Drinks Coffee

The Dublin Cookie Co.

Residing in Thomas Street, the Dublin Cookie Co. is all about that cookie. Freshly baked scoops of dough cover the counter with a mouth-watering aroma filling up the air. To help keep my cool, Elaine and Jenny got us sorted with Iced Latte. It went down nicely with my Irish Cookie Sandwich. However, as a cookie monster at heart, I know cookies should be enjoyed in the company of milk. The ladies know as they keep cold Coffee and Chocolate Milk in-store for such occasions. What a way to celebrate the Irish summer.

Legit Coffee Co Dublin Drinks Coffee

Legit Coffee Co.

Neatly nested in the heart of the Dublin Liberties, Legit Coffee Co. is sparking up the regular offer with their first ever iced coffee selection. From delightfully cold Americano to latte to matcha, the team will make sure to help you cool down your jets before hitting the streets of the capital. To satisfy your sweet tooth, the guys will pamper you with a tasty selection of syrups to tame all your cravings. Chocoholics can indulge themselves in an iced mocha. As I normally keep my chocolate away from a cup of joe, I got myself an iced latte. It gave me a nice boost, full of zesty energy and freshness – essential to keep my cogs away from overheating.


Dublin Drinks CoffeeI’m Anna, the voice behind Dublin Drinks Coffee. My caffeinated adventure started a few years ago, when brewing and steaming in one of local coffee shops. Since then I’ve enjoyed a lot of great cups across Dublin and I share all my stories with on Dublin is full of independent cafes and coffee houses that enrich our culinary scene every day. Browse through lists of unique and local cafes, events, books/movie recommendations and other caffeinated treats to enjoy!

Dublin Drinks Coffee Dublin Drinks Coffee
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