New App Cookly Helps Travellers Find Cookery Classes Abroad

asian cookery class feat

They say not all who wander are lost and with new app Cookly food enthusiasts with wanderlust can plan their trips to include cookery classes in their chosen destination.  Hailed as ‘Air BnB for cooking classes’ by Tasting Table, it seems Cookly is already gathering a strong foodie following.

Cookly allows users to search and book authentic cookery class experiences in a variety of settings from cookery schools in Phuket, to organic farms in Bali. In addition to classes, users can book market tours with local guides to discover authentic street food from Bangkok to Hanoi, on foot or by tuk-tuk.

While Cookly currently lists experiences only in Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia, plans to expand further into the Asian continent and beyond are underway.

Etienne Marleau-Rancourt and Ben Ozsanay, co-founders of Cookly say they “want to be more than just a booking site”, with the ultimate aim of building an international community of like-minded food lovers through the App. With the tag-line ‘Taste the World’, Cookly is bound to peak the interests of culinary travellers the world over.

For more information on Cookly click here.

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