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Comeragh Mountain Lamb Recipe by Chef Jenny Flynn at Faithlegg Hotel
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Comeragh Mountain Lamb Recipe by Chef Jenny Flynn at Faithlegg Hotel

Comeragh Mountain Lamb Marinated in Heather with Sweet Heart Cabbage and Wild Garlic Oil Recipe by Chef Jenny Flynn at Faithlegg Hotel. Comeragh mountain lamb is unique in its flavour, the mountain presents a larder of coarse terrain that transfers to the fat and meat of the lamb. It is not so much as spring lamb but of a winter lamb due to the lambing season for the mountain sheep is the opposite of that of the low-lying sheep. In this recipe I am using the loin of lamb which I have taken from the bone and marinated in rosemary and heather and the neck of the lamb which I feel is where the essence of the flavour is. Preparing the neck does take a bit of time but worth it. If you don’t have the neck use diced lamb, the fat in the lamb will break down and give additional flavour.

Marinade for the loin of lamb
1 sprig of heather, rosemary & thyme chopped
25g melted butter
1 clove of garlic chopped
Freshly ground black pepper and salt

1. Trim the loin leaving on a layer of fat.
2. Rub the loin with the herbs and garlic,  brush with butter and leave overnight.
3. Pan fry on a hot pan fat side down and turn after 5 minutes each side.
4. Allow to rest and carve slices or serve as one piece on the sweet heart cabbage.

Lamb croquette
2.2kg neck trimmings
2 shallots
1 carrot
½ head of celery diced
4 gloves garlic
300ml red wine
½ vanilla pod
Rosemary and thyme
1kg mashed potato (use roosters) add 1 diced onion cooked in butter with parsley and chervil
Seasoned Flour
panko crumb

1. Heat a large pan drizzle some rapeseed oil, fry off the lamb until nicely browned, add the diced vegetables and colour.
2. Add red wine and reduce, when reduced by half add 3litres of cold water and herbs with the vanilla pod. Bring to the boil and simmer for 2 hours, skim any impurities that may rise to the top.
3. When cooked allow to cool and remove from the liquid, keep the liquid reduce it and use it as stock, when the meat and vegetables is cooled break down with your hands mix with the potatoes and shape into croquettes.
4. Allow to set in the fridge for 2 hours and then flour egg and panko crumb repeat if necessary set aside until ready to use.

Sauté Cabbage
Sweet heart cabbage
½ onion
50g butter
cracked black pepper and salt

1.Remove the outer leaves of the cabbage shred finely blanch the cabbage in boiling water and remove to iced water.
2. Heat a pan melt the butter and cook the onion without colour and the cabbage and season well with cracked black pepper and salt.

Wild garlic oil
250g wild garlic (wild garlic can be found near and around streams in the woods you can nearly smell it before you can see it.
Irish rapeseed oil 400ml
Sea Salt and pepper

1. Pick through the wild garlic to remove any bugs and wash carefully
2. Roughly chop them, then put in a food processor along with the oil and the sea salt. Blitz until pureed.
3. Pour into clean sterilized jars, making sure that there is a small amount of oil covering the contents.
4. This will keep in the fridge for several weeks it is great with salads or even over baby boiled potatoes roasted.

Comeragh Mountain Lamb Recipe by Chef Jenny Flynn at Faithlegg Hotel


Comeragh Mountain Lamb Recipe by Chef Jenny Flynn at Faithlegg HotelJenny has been the Head Chef in Faithlegg for 13 years. Equipped with an abundance of natural talent and in-depth experience, an AA Rosette holder for the past years and a proud member of Good Food Ireland, Faithlegg Hotel was awarded 2 AA Rosettes for Culinary Excellence in 2015.

Jenny Flynn’s delicious cuisine showcases all that is best and finest from local artisan producers. The Wexford native, is passionate in her quest to source foods from the finest local artisan and producers, bringing guests and diners at Faithlegg on a foodie trip from the beaches of the county, along the coast and then up inland.

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