Gin and Toner! New Anti-Ageing Gin is a Distilled Elixir of Youth

CollaGin launches at The Loop Dublin Airport

The worlds of beauty and food and drink often overlap, from face masks to exfoliants to spa treatments, there are countless delicious ways to up your beauty routine. With collagen being such a popular element in the cosmetic scene and gin experiencing an all-time high in sales, a product like the recently created CollaGin shows nothing but promise.

CollaGin, portmanteau of collagen and gin, was launched last week at Dublin Airport’s The Loop. The product is part of the world’s first range of spirits distilled with pure collagen.

Camilla Brown and Liz Beswick, gin-trepreneurs behind Young in Spirit, the company behind this brand, are Oxford-based and come from a PR background. The business partners and friends ventured into the uncharted territory of anti-ageing spirits with this launched as their first offering.

The gin is described as smooth tasting and it’s blended with anti-ageing botanicals including angelica root, pink grapefruit and star anise, which are said to complement the effects of the collagen. The collagen on it does not affect its taste, aroma or appearance.

Co-Founder Camilla Brown explains: “The gin is fragrant, soft and the aftertaste is velvety, with a hit of vanilla. Enjoy it in a Martini, or if you prefer a longer, refreshing serve, try it in a classic G&T.”

Michelle Corbett, Head of Global Consumer Marketing at The Loop commented, “We are thrilled to be the exclusive Ireland stockists of CollaGin and look forward to continuing to work with Young in Spirit on future ventures.”

The Loop’s gin offering is the second fastest growing for the company after Irish whiskey. Last year alone, sales of gin grew by 70% (Irish gin achieve a remarkable 200% increase in sales). The addition of this product comes as part of the retailer’s plan of expanding its gin selection by about 40% this year.

You can find it available exclusively at The Loop, priced at €52 Duty Free and €60 Duty Paid.

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