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Coffeeangel KeepCup takeaway cup waste
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CoffeeAngel Team Up with Friends of the Earth to Combat Takeaway Coffee Cup Waste

How often do you head into the coffee shop for a beloved kick of caffeine, only to throw the takeaway cup in the bin afterwards? The height of disposable coffee cups going straight into Irish landfills has reached a worrying 2 million cups per day, and it’s time to end this.

Dublin coffee house Coffeeangel wants to tackle the industry’s waste issue by raising awareness of it, and encouraging the nation and its customers to use resusable cups instead. Therefore, together with Friends of the Earth Ireland, they have launched the #YourCupOurFuture campaign.

Wanting to switch up the KeepCups approach with a view to the bigger picture, Director at Coffeeangel, Caroline Sleiman, explains why they will be donating 20 cent for every KeepCup used at their five shops to help support local environmental initiatives.

“We wholeheartedly believe that through the power of small, personal initiatives we can help make a difference. By launching ‘Your Cup Our Future’, the Coffeeangel team and our customers will help the environment by reducing the amount of single-use cups entering landfill.

“Also, by donating to Friends of the Earth Ireland, we will address the larger issues of working towards a cleaner, healthier and greener world for both ourselves and future generations.”

Coffeeangel KeepCup takeaway cup waste

By using a KeepCup or other reusable mug to purchase your daily cappuccino, you will help in the battle against the waste of takeaway cups.

In addition to this, the government aims to introduce a 15 cent levy on coffee to go, reports Today FM.