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Coffee Gets the All-Clear from the World Health Organisation

The World Health Organisation was the bearer of the ultimate bad news for carnivores last year, releasing its findings on the carcinogenic effect of processed meats such as bacon and chorizo. These much loved products found themselves in the category of ‘group 1 – carcinogenic to humans’ alongside cigarettes and plutonium in last October’s report from the International Agency for Research on Cancer in Lyon. Moderation is key, meaning a daily sausage and bacon breakfast is not encouraged but luckily, the essential morning tipple of choice for many has just been given the all-clear.

The IARC is likely to have won back some friends in a world of coffee lovers, announcing on June 15th that its 1991 classification of coffee as ‘group 2B – possibly carcinogenic to humans’ has been retracted following further research. Insufficient evidence was cited as the reason for the declassification with the IARC stating that ‘after thoroughly reviewing more than 1000 studies in humans and animals, the Working Group found that there was inadequate evidence for the carcinogenicity of coffee drinking overall.’


The same study however also assessed the damage caused by drinking beverages heated to more than 65 degrees Celsius and has warned that consumption of any drink exceeding this temperature increases risk.

So rest assured that your daily coffee fix is not the demon it was once claimed to be and enjoy your fix – and maybe add some delicious cold brew and iced options into your routine too.

Read the full IARC report here.

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