Here’s Where You Can Get Your Coffee Fix For Just €1 This Morning in Dublin’s Temple Bar

Coffee Fix

You can get your coffee fix in one of our favourite little coffee shops this morning for next to nothing. Cocobrew in Temple Bar are celebrating their first birthday today and all coffees are priced at just €1.

But better be quick though as the offer is only on until 12 noon.

A cup of the special Cocobrew blend of coffee fills the drinker with long lasting clean energy and a sharp mental focus. It’s also eliminates energy crashes associated with other caffeinated and sugary drinks and helps retain lean muscle mass while burning fat.

Cocobrew creator Tony describes his signature blend as “a healthy coffee that I spent years developing, made with MCT oil, cacao butter and speciality coffee beans.”

We’ve tried and tested Cocobrew ourselves. Read our review here.

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