Coeliac Society of Ireland to Host Awareness Week 9th to 15th May
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Coeliac Society of Ireland to Host Awareness Week 9th to 15th May

The Coeliac Society of Ireland will host its annual Coeliac Awareness Week from 9th to 15th May, in association with Knorr. The organisation aims to raise consciousness about the condition that affects approximately 1% of people in Ireland.

During the week, the society expects to make a special emphasis on the high rate of misdiagnosis among people with  the disease, and also on the less-known symptoms of it, such as mouth ulcers, infertility and a failure to thrive in children. They will release statistics and case studies on this matter during the week.

The week will have its official launch on Monday, 9th of May and celebrity chef Adrian Martin will host the occasion. Associated Craft Butchers of Ireland stores in Dublin, Wexford, Galway and Louth will offer gluten-free cooking demonstrations and several coeliac support groups across the country will embark on family friendly walks on Sunday, 15th May.

For more information on the events or about coeliac disease, visit Coeliac Society of Ireland.


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