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Coconut & Elderflower Meringue Recipe
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Coconut and Wild Elderflower Meringue Recipe by Chef Jenny Flynn

This meringue recipe takes tropical flavours and adds something uniquely Irish. The art of making a curd and using forged elderflowers.


48g egg whites
90g caster sugar
20g toasted coconut
6 heads elderflowers

Passion fruit curd
200g passion fruit pulp, about 6 or 7 ripe passion fruits
3 large free range eggs
140g butter
250g caster sugar
10g cornflour


1. Wash elderflowers to remove any bugs, put in the sugar shake and leave overnight, the following day shake the container and remove elderflower.
2. Put eggs whites in perfectly clean and dry mixing bowl add pinch of sugar and whisk.
3. Gradually add all of the sugar and mix on full speed for 5 mins.
4. Using a slotted spoon fold in the toasted coconut.
5. Cook in a preheated oven for 30mins @100c.
6. When cooked cool on a wire tray.

Passion Fruit Curd
1. Put the passion fruit pulp in a food processor and whizz to separate the seeds from all the juicy bits.
2. Scrape into a sieve set over a medium saucepan, pushing through as much pulp as you can. Keep 2 tbsp of the seeds, then discard the rest.
3. Add the remaining ingredients to the pan and set over a low heat.
4. Whisk until all the butter has melted then, using a wooden spoon, stir constantly until the passion fruit curd has thickened to a similar consistency as lemon curd. Be sure not to have too hot as you don’t want scrambled egg!
5. Sieve the curd into a clean bowl to get rid of any eggy bits that may have curdled.
6. Stir in the reserved seeds and cool, before spooning into jars and chilling. Curd will keep in the fridge for a week.

To assemble:
Dot the curd on a plate and put the meringues on top, this is a lovely dish to serve with an elderflower coordinal drink.

Jenny FlynnJenny Flynn is head chef at Faithlegg House Hotel & Golf Resort in Waterford. Faithlegg House Hotel is an 18th century mansion which has been beautifully restored to form the centre piece of a superb four star hotel and golf course. Dining at Faithlegg House Hotel is a special experience, and the hotel has held an AA Rosette for the past number of years.

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