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Cocobrew – A Welcome Treat in the Heart of Bustling Temple Bar

Struggling to pass through the hordes of tourists, locals and revellers who had come up for the Coldplay concert that evening, I was relieved to spot Cocobrew across the cobbled streets of Temple Bar.

With its cream and pale brown exterior, Cocobrew‘s colouring aptly resembles a creamy cup of coffee. Its tall windows provide ample opportunity to watch as people hurry by, rushing to the next shop or pub.

Temple Bar is known for its vibrant party scene, so it’s great to have a place amidst the noise to take a moment to unwind while sipping a coffee.

With the morning and lunch rushes behind them, Cocobrew is a haven of relaxation at 2pm on a Saturday. Greeted by a friendly face and a welcoming smile, I happily peruse the coffee menu.

Cocobrew use speciality grade, single origin Arabica beans in their brews. Deciding on a Latte (€2.90), my personal favourite, I take a seat on one of the rustic tables in the cosy cafe.

The coffee beans locked underneath the glass topped tables are a very nice touch, as are the wide array of potted plants – simple and calming.

My friend orders a Flat White (€2.90) as he needs the fuel after a morning spent at the gym, whereas my excuse for needing energy is a lot less admirable.

I’d been up bright and early taking part in Ed Sheeran mania and while I had been successful in my ticket hunting, I was now too tired to fully commit to my planned daytime activities.

While sipping my latte with its expertly crafted design etched into the milky surface, my eyes slowly wander over to the counter and rest on Cocobrew’s selection of sweet treats.

As well as their coffee range, Cocobrew stocks a number of healthy superfoods which are used in their superfood smoothies. These ingredients can be purchased in store.

They also have a wide range of tasty treats, from Protein Balls to Gluten Free Muffins. At the moment, The Nut Shed, Sher Bakes and Joanne’s Absolute Nutrition are some of the suppliers of Cocobrew’s delectable nibbles.

Not one to resist a tasty treat, I sample a Nutty Bar, which I’m told is Cocobrew’s answer to a Snickers. With these words, I’m sold.

With its chocolatey gooey texture, complimented by the crunch of the nuts, I munch away happily as I watch the people rush by.

Sitting across from me, my friend digs into his Rotisserie Chicken Sandwich, the last available following the lunch rush.

Enclosed in a pillowy multigrain sourdough bread baked fresh from Tartine Bakery, the rotisserie chicken sandwiches are cooked fresh in house every morning.

The idea behind their sandwich range is simplicity and apart from the chicken, the only other ingredients are fresh mixed local leaves, mayonnaise and Dijon mustard.

Cocobrew are also planning to add to their sandwich menu very soon, with ham and porchetta and a vegetarian option already in the works.

Salads and breakfast options are also in the pipeline for this growing café. Speaking about the food on offer in the café, Tony Divitio, the owner and creator of Cocobrew, said:

“I was previously a crossfit coach for many years, so I really want the food at Cocobrew to make customers feel good, providing maximum energy while also tasting delicious.”

As we sit happily munching, people filter in for a coffee and treat; some appear fresh from the gym, while others are just curious about the Cocobrew blend of bulletproof coffee.

The staff at Cocobrew definitely elevate this place, with the barista more than happy to answer any questions the various patrons had, and his welcoming nature is one you don’t see everywhere. Good food and drink can be ruined by bad service, so it’s nice to see that Cocobrew obviously doesn’t have this problem.

While finishing the remaining crumbs of my chocolatey treat, I think about the various benefits Cocobrew coffee possesses.

Cocobrew creator Tony describes his signature blend as “a healthy coffee that I spent years developing, made with MCT oil, cacao butter and speciality coffee beans.”

Tony, whose future plans for Cocobrew include having his own roastery revealed that they’re currently getting their coffee beans roasted by “our good friends at Baobab coffee” and they “work closely with our roaster Luigi to get that smooth Cocobrew taste.”

A cup of the Cocobrew blend of coffee fills the drinker with long lasting clean energy and a sharp mental focus. It’s also supposed to eliminate energy crashes associated with other caffeinated and sugary drinks and helps retain lean muscle mass while burning fat.

While this may seem like a lot to handle in a single cup of coffee, it is intended as a meal replacement, so it’s not really recommended that you devour a hearty lunch immediately afterwards.

Intrigued, I return the following Monday morning to sample the Bulletproof Coffee (€3.95) at Cocobrew. A thin liquid closer to tea than typical creamy coffees, this toasty brew was just a little bit too bitter for my tastes.

However, I can really see the appeal as the bulletproof coffee, which served as my breakfast that morning, definitely had me feeling more energised. I didn’t even feel peckish for a number of hours, which is odd considering I usually eat like a horse.

As for the fat burning qualities, I may have to indulge in a few more cups to see how accurate that is!

Though I initially visited Cocobrew on a quiet Saturday, the café was much busier on the Monday morning, when both workers and curious visitors queue up for their morning fix.

A lovely place with a welcoming atmosphere, Cocobrew is perfect if you’re looking for a coffee that gives you a great buzz.

The total cost of all ordered products came to €19.50.

5 Bedford Row,
Temple Bar,
Dublin 2

T: 087 932 1825


Sarah has always had a great love of travel, food and photography. Following her journalism degree at DCU, she developed a passion for travel writing while living in Spain.

Sarah loves exploring new places and sampling the local cuisine. Working with combines her love of food and travel.

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