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Cocobrew Cafe – Temple Bar’s Hidden Gem For Coffee Lovers

As I strolled down Bedford Row in Temple Bar, which lies just off the beaten track, Cocobrew’s brown and cream exterior caught my eye from a distance. Large glass windows partnered with small central European styled double glass doors allowed me to see the hustle and bustle inside and succeeded in tempting me in for a well-deserved breakfast treat.

Even at 10am on a Tuesday morning, Cocobrew remained pleasantly busy without feeling overwhelmed. A constant flow of families, office workers and tourists give this café a warm multicultural feeling that allows you to ignore your phone, put away your laptop and just sit back and watch the world go by. Cocobrew presents an embassy of relaxation amidst the usual Temple Bar madness and for that reason alone I would recommend you to pop in and see it for yourself. 

As I perused the coffee menu, I was caught between their very own concoction, The COCOBREW or a latte. Cocobrew roast all of their own coffee beans in-house in a roaster clearly visible by the front window. I have a lot of time for cafes that take the time to roast their own coffee and immediately I knew I was in for a great experience. Made from MCT Oil, a home roasted americano and cacao butter, The COCOBREW was immediately recommended by the friendly staff inside if I felt like something new. I decided to give it a taste and wow, I’ve never had a coffee like it. I’m not normally the most adventurous when it comes to trying these styles of coffee, but if you are like me, then take the bold step and get down to try it yourself. 

Cocobrew alternate their blends roughly once a month between Colombian, African or Brazilian beans. This gives the café a consistent seasonal change that is refreshing in the current city market. In fact only last month they held a free coffee morning where they sampled Peruvian beans for the first time. This mix of blends roasted beside you, gives Cocobrew a pleasant underlying coffee scent that wafts into Temple Bar and encourages you down. After receiving my COCOBREW, I turned my head to the food menu. While the menu is small in size, it is diverse in choice and has something to suit everyone’s pallet. 

Immediately, for me, the delicious Cocobrew Protein Porrdige Oats caught my eye. Served with nuts, honey and a selection of mixed fruits, I knew I would be in breakfast heaven. My porridge came nearly straight away and I was overjoyed to see the selection of fruit available. Sometimes, a porridge can appear with only a handful of berries and an amount of honey that you’d need a microscope to see. Thankfully, this was not the case and my bowl was filled to the brim! 

Cocobrew doesn’t just serve delicious coffee and wholesome food, but also has a range of superfood products that can be bought. A number of local independently sourced suppliers provide a wide range of sweet treats as well and the tea selection available is from the renowned Wall & Keogh. There is also an abundance of free plant food. If you wish to take some, Tony, Cocobrew’s owner, encourages customers to help themselves! 

Overall Cocobrew is a small café that epitomises everything good about independent cafes in Dublin City Centre. The bill came to €8.40 which is quite reasonable for city centre prices, especially in Temple Bar. In a time where big brands appear on every street corner, try and make the journey to an independent café such as Cocobrew, you won’t be disappointed.

Written by Gregory Murphy

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