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On Cloud 9 in Dublin 3 – Cloud Cafe Review

Cloud Cafe is on Dublin’s Northside, just a few minutes away from Croke Park. Cheerfully painted blue, the cafe charms with a homely atmosphere. The white-clad interior is generously bathed in natural light; a series of black and white photos of trees hang on the wall, almost like family portraits reminding me of our connection to the earth and nature. The space is bright, with fairy lights dotted around the counter. These lights draw the eye towards the heart of the Cloud Cafe, the open kitchen where the magic happens.

Coffee comes from Cloud Picker, a Dublin-based micro-roaster located in Sheriff Street. On the menu is the Henry Blend – a mix of Brazilian, Guatemalan and Colombian beans. The flavour is characterized by hints of sweetness with citrus zestiness, promising a good start to any day (or an afternoon treat) – very noticeable in filter and drip coffee. I grabbed a flat white, which offered a much more subtle version of the coffee. I like to pair this with something sweet – but not too sweet.

On Cloud 9 in Dublin 3 - Cloud Cafe Review

Surprisingly, a home-made White Chocolate and Raspberry Blondie turned out to be the perfect match. Although white chocolate is known for its strong sugary taste, moist sponge lightened up its intensity. Plus, raspberry in the Blondie itself and an accompaniment of raspberry compote alongside added a delicious tangy kick, complemented by a dollop of whipped cream.

On Cloud 9 in Dublin 3 - Cloud Cafe Review 3

Cloud Cafe’s menu boasts mouth-watering comfort food options. Bread and various pastries are baked in Arún Bakery in Smithfield. Other bakes – a nice variety of gluten-free treats – are home-made in the GF kitchen on premises. Savoury nosh is prepared fresh, with various salads options and daily specials.

Cloud Cafe

My companion went for beetroot hummus on a warm flat bread. It arrived in the company of pickled candied beetroot slices, crumbled feta and a baby leaf salad. The sweetness of hummus and toasted seeds contrasted nicely against the saltiness of feta cheese and zesty lemon dressing and parsley.

Cloud Cafe

My choice was a Honey and Mustard Roast Ham Sandwich. Served on dark bread full of seeds, the sambo was on point. Due to its size, this lunch treat would keep me busy on its own. Slices of roast ham nestled between Irish cheddar and generous layers of apple chutney and fig. The sandwich was served with a side light salad to elevate the flavours of the dish.

Cloud Cafe

Next, a quinoa bowl. It was a nice light option thanks to shredded kale, apple slices, and roasted almonds. I would call it a delightfully crunchy alternative to a traditional couscous or salad plate.

I truly enjoyed my visit to Cloud Cafe. Great food, friendly staff and a pleasant ambience make this cafe a must-visit for a workday lunch or lazy weekend brunch.

Cloud Cafe,
43 North Strand Road,
3 Dublin

T: 086 124 4917


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