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This New App Will Prevent Hangovers by Having the Sense You Don’t on a Night Out

A clever new app could be set to eliminate hangovers by reminding you to stop drinking before you have that regrettable one drink too many.

A government-backed Australian app is going to become that voice in your head that tells you you’ve had too much.

Designed by the Burnet Institute, the app texts you reminders in a bid to put a stopper in that bottle of wine.

With phrases like “when do you intend on going home?” and “do you have work tomorrow?”, this persistent app will ensure you go home when you’re supposed to.

The app will also get you to complete surveys on your feelings about the amount of money you’ve spent to how drunk you feel.

This will be particularly useful on those nights when you have work or an early morning appointment the next day. Other than that, we may need to switch off the persistent little app.

Clever New App

Aimed mainly at university students, app designer Dr Megan Lim spoke to ABC, saying: “Binge drinking is part of university culture so it has become the norm, and research from New Zealand show that O-week [Australian Fresher’s Week]… sets them up for the rest of the year in terms of their drinking habits.”

She added: “This system isn’t telling people not to drink but this is providing an option for them to manage their own drinking, or pace their drinking, so they can have fun or not ruin the night by not peaking too early or make sure [they] don’t drink and drive.”

The app is due to start trials in 2018 – will you be downloading it?

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