Keep Your Smile Brilliant With This Brilliant Beverage: Clear Coffee Promises Not Stain Your Teeth


If you can’t go without your morning cup of joe, but aren’t as keen on the staining it leaves on your teeth overtime, then you need to know about colourless clear coffee.

The Slovakian brothers Adam and David Nagy behind Clr Cff Clear Coffee say they have created the first colorless coffee in the world that promises to spare your smile.

What’s more the dribble of coffee that you always manage to spill on yourself as you’re headed out the door will be invisible too!

The coffee is bottled in a potent cold brew style, so perfect if you want a refreshing, energy lifting drink.

Although you can afford to flash those pearly whites after drinking this brilliant beverage, the inventive brothers are remaining tight lipped about how they strip colour from coffee.

The website mysteriously says that Clr Cff is “produced by methods which have never been used before,” and lists just water, fresh coffee and caffeine as the main ingredients.

Though they do add that the coffee is made with only the highest quality fresh roasted Arabica coffee beans with contains no preservatives, stabilizers, sugar or sweeteners.

The product launched in 2015, but is taking social media by storm of late.

Clr Cff is currently only available on retail shelves in the UK and Slovakia right now, such as Selfridges in London, but you can get your fix by ordering online.

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