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This Exclusive Bottle of Tequila Costs About the Same as the Deposit for a House
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This Exclusive Bottle of Tequila Costs About the Same as the Deposit for a House

As it has happened with many spirits recently, Tequila is experiencing a trend towards premiumisation. Bottles of 100% Agave (aka the real stuff) are showing their sophisticated side in the world’s best bars and while you can find numerous bottles of Mexico’s finest on a normal mortal’s budget, a bottle of the very exclusive Clase Azul will set you back €26,400 ($30,000).

The luxury brand offers a range of bottles starting at €88 ($100). The aforementioned house’s priciest comes in a hand-sculpted and hand-painted ceramic bottle studded with 24-karat gold and amber. Only 15 bottles were made, to celebrate the brand’s 15th anniversary.

The drink itself is made from organic agave plants distilled in small batches. Clase Azul Tequila crafts four different styles: Plata, Reposado, Añejo and Ultra, all made traditionally and, except for Plata, which is a blanco and therefore not aged, they have been spend time in oak for added richness and complexity.

The brand’s founder, Arturo Lomeli, has been in the industry since 1997 and while he begun with what he has admitted to be a very low-end Tequila, after earning a degree in luxury marketing he went back to the distillery with a mission.

“We started thinking in terms of exclusivity, in terms of giving the best that we can to those who can really appreciate it”, he told CNN. His first ultra-premium Tequila was a €1,057 ($1,200) bottle of Clase Azul, which he launched in 2007.

Figures from the Distilled Spirits Council indicate that sales of super premium tequila in the US have grown by 67% in the last decade.

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