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Chopped Announces First UK Outlets and New Irish Locations

Chopped, the healthy food company known to cause winding queues at lunchtime, has announced they will be expanding into the UK and also opening new stores around Ireland. The well established brand plans to expand from Irish 20 outlets to 46, with the creation of 320 jobs.

The positions will include both full time and part time roles with 20 new stores across Ireland to open this year. The expansion into the UK is set to create 120 jobs with the opening of 6 new stores, their first outlets outside Ireland.

Across Ireland, Chopped already has stores located in Dublin, Galway and Kildare. The new locations for the popular fast health food chain will include Cork, Waterford and Wicklow.


Brian Lee, Co-Founder and Managing Director said, “Last year we set a target of increasing our staff numbers by 100 and we exceeded that expectation by increasing our employees by 140 in 2016,”. He also stated, “this is only the beginning for Chopped.”

Chopped operates on the basis of three core goals; to educate people about clean and nutritious food choices, to create new ways to prepare and offer clean, healthy and fresh food and to serve quality, healthy and delicious food quickly.

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