Eat Your Way Through Your Favourite Cities With These Edible Chocolate Maps

Imagine if you could eat a chocolatey version of your favourite city? Well, now you can thanks to Tamtik’s handcrafted chocolate maps.

Tamtik is a premium handmade dark chocolate structure, which is then into a map of your favourite city. According to their site, Tamtik is “a work of art from top to bottom, from taste to packaging to design. Handmade one at a time by local artisans.”

At the moment you can get chocolate versions of London, New York and Tel Aviv. However, there’ll be a fourth surprise city of chocolate and you can vote for the winner with the company’s Kickstarter campaign.

If you pledge $1 dollar (85c) to the campaign, your city could be in for a chance to become a chocolatey masterpiece. If you choose to pledge $2 dollars (€1.68), you could be in with the chance of becoming one of 10 official chocolate tasters, whether your preference is milk or white chocolate. Sounds absolutely divine.

 Either way, these chocolate maps are sure to appeal to both travel and chocolate lovers. Instead of scratching off where you’ve been, you can eat it. Sign us up!

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