Chocoholics – Your Prayers Have Been Answered with this Chocolate Lock-In Event

Chocolate Lock In

You may need to sit down for this if you’re a true chocoholic, because there is a one of a kind VIP treatment coming this winter. We know about lock ins, a pub tradition in Ireland, so imagine our excitement when we discovered that there is a Chocolate Lock In happening.

Galway will host a series of evenings that revolves around our favourite sweet treat, in a variety of creations. The award-winning Hazel Mountain Chocolate, makers of the beloved Bean to Bar, will bring you on an exclusive tour and tasting, to indulge and enjoy every aspect of the cocoa product, that will be guided by their in-house chocolatier.

Chocolate Lock In

On arrival, the 15 VIP guests will be presented with cacao champagne, followed by intriguing chocolate canapés and hot chocolate cocktails to really kickstart your evening. Sweet and savoury notes await to tickle your taste buds, as you learn all about the delicious delicacy.

If that wasn’t chocolatey enough for you, each guest will then taste four single estate chocolates, that tell a different story and are specially designed for the events, and then to finish, two signature truffles by Hazel Mountain Chocolate.

The whole evening will only cost €10 per person, with a variety of dates to choose from. Available to book for every Friday and Saturday from November 10th until December 30th, at 7pm, escape the outside world and enter the chocolate realm.

Tickets are available at Eventbrite.

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