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Chocolate Ganache Recipe with Nespresso Ristretto Origin India Grand Cru Cream, Pear & Hazelnut by Oliver Dunne

This decadent chocolate ganache recipe has been created by chef Oliver Dunne, showcasing the delicious pairing of dark chocolate with the complex notes of Nespresso Ristretto Origin India Grand Cru.


Pear Foam
335g pears, blended to a puree
5g whip
2g xanthan powder
150ml cream
10g icing sugar
1 shot Nespresso Ristretto Origin India Grand Cru

Nespresso Ristretto Pure Origin India Grand Cru Chocolate Ganache
200g dark chocolate
225ml double cream
50g Ristretto Origin India
25ml milk
3 egg yolks
40g sugar
2g agar
2g gelatine

Hazelnut Crumb
50g hazelnuts
30g melted butter
50g sugar
35g flour


1. Heat the cream, milk and coffee and whisk onto the egg yolk and sugar. Cook out over a low heat until the mixture thickens, mix in the agar and gelatine and pour over the chocolate.
2. Stir the chocolate mixture until it is completely smooth and pour onto a lined tray and place in the fridge until set.
3. Whisk the pear puree at high speed and gradually add the whip and xanthan powder until it aerates and stiffens like a meringue. Put pear foam into a piping bag and place in fridge
4. For the hazelnut crumb crush the hazelnuts and mix together with the flour and sugar. Gradually add the melted butter and rub together until it turns to a light crumble consistency.
5. Bake the crumb at 160c for 15mins stirring occasionally.
6. Remove the Nespresso ganache from the fridge and slice into fingers 10cm long. In addition to this cut some ganache into small diamonds and coat in cocoa powder.
7. To serve, sprinkle the hazelnut crumb onto a plate, place a slice of the ganache in the centre of the plate and blob the pear foam and dusted ganache pieces around.

Nespresso India Grand CruThe Nespresso Ristretto Origin India coffee expresses all the force and richness of South India’s terroirs, where Arabicas and Robustas unusually grow on the same plantations, in the shade of cedars and interplanted with fruit trees and spices. This Pure Origin Grand Cru, which combines the finest Arabica with a hint of of Robusta from southern India, is an intense and full-bodied coffee, with a powerful character and notes of spices.

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Chef-Oliver-DunneOliver Dunne is an acclaimed chef and restaurateur with three highly successful Dublin eateries. Bon Appetit in Malahide, Cleaver East in the Clarence and newest venture Beef & Lobster offer three distinctly different experiences all refelecting Oliver’s ethos is to produce simple, amazing dishes using only the finest locally sourced ingredients, in an informal relaxing environment.

Oliver is a regular on RTÉ Today and TV3’s 6 O’Clock Show. He has also been a regular contributor to The Afternoon Show, Masterchef Ireland, The Restaurant and Today. On TV3 he is a regular face on Ireland AM and The Midday Show as well as making regular contributions to the airwaves on Newstalk, Q102, Today FM and RTÉ Radio.

Oliver Dunne Oliver Dunne