Chocolate Crème Brûlée Recipe by Kevin Thornton

The famous Thornton’s Chocolate Crème Brûlée is one like no other. Our unique approach to this traditional French dessert is the perfect finale for an indulgent pallet.

As Kevin Thornton says himself “If you close your eyes, magic happens.”

1000g milk
1000g cream
200g sugar
800g chocolate (54 % Cocoa)
400g yolks

1. Heat the milk and cream.
2. In a separate bowl whisk sugar and yolks until double in size
3. Pour hot milk and cream over sugar and yolks
4. Place back in pot, return to heat and cook to 72 degrees Celsius
5. When cooked pour through sieve onto chocolate and whisk
6. Allow to cool and put in piping bags
7. Pipe into bowls and cook in Bain Marie for 30 min at 85 degrees C
8. Allow to cool & enjoy!

Kevin ThorntonAs the first Irish chef to achieve two Michelin stars and owner of Thornton’s Restaurant that has been Michelin starred every year since 1996, Kevin Thornton’s understanding and drive to bring excellence to the plate has made him Ireland’s highest achieving chef. His cooking, while contemporary, is informed by the distinctive flavours of local produce, and by his vivid memories of the food of his childhood.

Just as important to Kevin is the keen appreciation of nature, which inspires both his cuisine and his photography.

With 3 books to his name and 2 more in the making, Kevin is also an accomplished photographer, food writer, and mentor.

Thornton’s Thornton’s

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