Chicken, Foie Gras and Smoked Black Pudding Terrine by Head Chef Gareth Naughton of Circa


Ingredients for Terrine

2 Whole cornfed or organic chickens
1kg of Smoked black pudding (or any good quality pudding) 450 g of Grade A Foie Gras
200g Butter
5 Shallots
Salt and Pepper
Garlic, Thyme, Tarragon and Chervil
Pedro Ximenez Vinegar
25/30 Pieces of thinly sliced Pancetta
Large roll of clingfilm

Method for Terrine

Preheat oven to 180 degrees, season both chickens well with salt and pepper and a touch of olive oil to allow the seasoning to stick properly. Fill the cavity with half of the butter, garlic and thyme and roast for roughly 1 hour and 20 mins or until both birds are cooked through. Place a metal skewer into the leg and if the juices are clear and not red the chickens are ready, allow to cool until they are easy to handle. Remove the skin and discard, shred all the meat and place into a large bowl.

Finely dice the shallots and 1 clove of garlic, add to the remaining butter and bring to boil in a pan until the shallots are translucent. Allow to cool, once cool add a good hand full of the chervil and tarragon that’s been very finely chopped.

Dice the foie gras and cook very quickly in a hot dry pan, for roughly one minute until its brown on all sides, and add a few dashes of the sherry vinegar, be careful at this stage as the fat has a tendency to splatter with the vinegar, allow to cool, cut the black pudding into bite size pieces and add to the bowl with the chicken.

Now add the shallot and butter mix to the chicken and the foie gras and fat, mix the meat gently, and season generously.

To shape the terrine, lay a large double layer of cling film flat on a work surface. Lay slices of the pancetta down the middle of the cling film, so there’s a 15cm gap at either side of the ham slices. In the centre of the pancetta, add a large line of the chicken mixture. Roll up the mixture inside the ham and cling film, holding the ends and rolling the mixture into a tight sausage shape. Tie off the ends of additional cling film so the mixture is sealed and refrigerate to set overnight.

Fig Chutney

10 figs and a further fig per person for garnish 4 pears
50g of Brown Sugar
30ml Sherry Vinegar

100ml Port
100ml Red Wine 1 Vanilla Pod
1 Cinnamon Stick 1 Clove


Dice the figs and pears and caramelise the sugar in a large pot, deglaze with the sherry vinegar, add the port and wine, vanilla and spices and reduce liquid by 1/3 add the fruit and cook for 10/15 mins stirring regularly making sure nothing is sticking at the base of the pot. Cook for a further 15 mins and place in a fresh container or jar and allow to cool completely

To serve take a large slice of the terrine, place on the plate and allow to come to room temperature. Place a spoonful or 2 of the chutney either side, slice the fresh figs and arrange around the terrine. Add some mixed salad lightly dressed in some olive oil and sherry vinegar and serve with slices of toasted sourdough

Recipe By Gareth Naughton – Head Chef, Circa

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