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Chef Collab High Celebrations at The Aviva

Chef Collab High Celebrations on the top floor of The Aviva Stadium, it is the perfect setting to celebrate an incredibly successful year.

No matter how hectic and packed is my work engagement’s calendar, I have made my way to Chef Collab’s Anniversary Pop Up Dinner Celebrations at The Aviva. I am a big supporter of Chef Collab’s ethos and the great people behind it.

So what is Chef Collab all about? Here is a perfect definition of a great concept, coming from good intentions, the desire of having a positive impact on the food industry and the young people that are working hard to have a career and follow this incredibly exciting path.


Chef Collab High Celebrations at The Aviva


Chef Collab is about a holistic approach to food and challenging the chef shortage.

“Our ethos is to give chefs the opportunity to showcase their skills in an environment supported by a group of like-minded individuals whose sole aim is to enable them to grow and prosper in good working environments. We bring chefs from all different grades to cook together”.

Mentors and prospering chefs are paired together on the night to develop and work on a set course chosen by themselves. Prior to the night chefs would go to the mentor’s kitchens to learn new techniques or indeed a different style of cooking as all chefs use different techniques.

It is usually five chefs cooking on the night with a five-course menu being served.


Chef Collab High Celebrations at The Aviva


The venue varies from month to month and as we sell out weeks in advance it is great to share this and promote local venues whose premises may be otherwise quite on a Monday. The food we serve is at the lowest possible price, the reason for this is to make good food accessible to all. The mentors serve the food on the night and proteges do all the cooking … the hardest but most rewarding part!

We are so delighted in these early stages that we have been inundated with support from chefs, restaurateurs, local suppliers and business owners, we currently have a waiting list of mentors and chefs wanting to participate up until February 2019.

Chef Collab will give our young chefs a chance to network with established individuals in the business hopefully empowering them to have the confidence to express themselves in their craft.


Chef Collab High Celebrations at The AvivaChef Chad Byrne & Fiachra Kenny


Chef Chad Byrne giving us an insight of the anniversary celebration night at the aviva on September 23rd.

“The most important message I’d like to get out there is that we are totally inclusive, and our doors are open to anyone with a little passion and positive attitude”


Chef Collab High Celebrations at The Aviva

Millie and Santosh Thomas from “3 leaves Blackrock” mentored Bruno Klennfelder  from Cardiff Lane, whom went to work for a few days alongside these amazing Indian culinary giants. His signature dish, Smoked clove lamb kebab with a blend of over 25 aromatic spices. Foie gras, strawberry chutney and tamarind. Crispy Spinach with signature sauces.

 Chef Collab High Celebrations at The Aviva
Chef Collab High Celebrations at The Aviva

Then we flew Caitlin Zeno over to the UK to work with Colin Kelly in “Picture Restaurant” London whom came over for two days to do the collab, amazing teamwork shown. Their dish, Cured salmon, brown crab puree, tender-stem broccoli, broccoli and lime puree.


Chef Collab High Celebrations at The Aviva

Then Nico Reynolds from “Lil Portie” and Darren Burke from The Dew Drop In, brought some Caribbean flair, amazing to see Darren at 43 pursue his passion of cooking.  Their dish, Salt cod fish with plantain chips and Caribbean tartar.


Chef Collab High Celebrations at The Aviva

“Then the legend himself Derry Clarke from “L’Ecrivan” Restaurant, cooking alongside David Lassov whom was with me on summer placement in college, such a super start to his career and can only be advanced by events, like this mixing it with some great chefs”.  David Lossov & Derry Clarke’s dish, Orzo pasta, wild mushrooms, tarragon sabayon.


Chef Collab High Celebrations at The Aviva

David Lossov with Derry clarke Orzo pasta, wild mushrooms, tarragon sabyon

Then we had Wellington De Silva who is sous chef under Head Chef James Smith in The Aviva Stadium, with Diane O’Donoghue from The Maritime, adding Brazilian cooking into the melting pot for our cultural and diverse land scape that is Ireland. Wellington De Silva and Diane O’Donoghue Feijoida inspired dish, Beef pichata, blackbean, raviloi and savoy cabbage, fried bonbon rice cake.


Chef Collab High Celebrations at The Aviva

Conor Greg again from Aviva and Howard Bateman from Kemmare Park Hotel under my guidance (Chef Chad Byrne, Brehon Hotel) for dessert, amazing two gents. Howard and Conor’s dessert was, set clotted cream, autumnal fruits, blackcurrant sorbet, gin and tonic espuma.


Chef Collab High Celebrations at The Aviva
Chef Keith Boyle & His Wife Carmel From The Restauran Lady Ann.
Chef Phily Roe, Head Chef at Glovers Alley.
Chef Chad Byrne & Tom Coleman. 
All old mentors were invited back as a thanks for showing their support to the next generation, as it is done in our own time.
Special mention to The Core members of Chef Collab; Fiachra Kenny (Old Spot Dublin) who hosted the night alongside Chef Chad Byrne. Noel enright (The Lake Hotel Killarney) core member from day one. Paul Brogan (Forest and Marcy) , John Oleary (Adare Manor), James Coffey (Park Kenmare)
Great thanks to Larousse Foods, Keelings Fruit & Veg., Stafford Lynch, Key sponsors to keep bring great food ingredients to all our chef collab events. Also special mention to The Irish Hotel Federation helping out with support and guidance from their chefs.
Huge thanks to James Smith Head chef of The Aviva Stadium for Having us in their kitchens.

“It was an amazing night with a multicultural melting pot of banging food! and that is it until February now, as we all need to focus on a busy winter ahead”.

If you would like to join this great group of chefs or can’t wait to get tickets to the next Chef Collab event! Check them out at:



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