Thank You Cheesus! Cheese May Be a Superfood and We’re Celebrating

cheese superfood

In a world where there is much to fret about and plenty of worry floating around, it is always good to have some brie-lliant news to brighten your day. If kale, blueberries and amazonian powders just don’t get you excited, the news that certain types of cheese may be worthy of “superfood” status may make your day.

Far from the cries of health gurus that dairy is the devil, it appears cheese may be a friend with benefits after all. In a study conducted by scientists in Korea, it was established that Swiss cheese such as Emmental and Gruyere contain a probiotic called propionibacterium freudenreichii, which possesses anti-inflammatory properties.

Anti-inflammatory properties boost the immune system by protecting against pathogens and as a result, promote longevity and contribute to better gut health, which is considered paramount.

These anti-inflammatory compounds are also associated with combating the visible effects of aging and if that’s not a good enough reason to whip up a toastie, we don’t know what is.

Add this to research earlier in the year which suggests that those who enjoy cheesy treats tend to be slimmer than their fromage-free counterparts, and replacing the gym with a Swiss Fondue seems justified – you’re welcome!

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