Channing Tatum Strips Down New Vodka Brand

Channing Tatum Strips Down New Vodka Brand

Would you like to buy Channing Tatum a drink? Well, he just launched his own vodka so he’ll be delighted. Channing Tatum’s Vodka is the result of a recent partnership between the actor and Grand Teton Distillery. Named Born and Bred, the small batch, twenty times distilled spirit is made from Idaho potatoes and glacial water from the Grand Teton mountains.

On an interview with Bot Appétit, the star explained that he’s been a vodka enthusiast for a while and that at one point, he went on a quest to find great American vodkas and from sampling about 25, Grand Teton was among the only three he really liked. “It just tasted better, different than any vodka that was on the top shelf. There was a smooth taste to do it, like a cool feeling in your mouth”, Channing said.

As explained on the company’s page, Born and Bred is a high quality of vodka produced by a family-owned and operated distillery, and it’s recommended both for cocktails or on the rocks.

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