Forget Slot Machines: Las Vegas' Champagne Vending Machine is Where you Want your Token
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Forget Slot Machines: Las Vegas’ Champagne Vending Machine is Where you Want your Token

What happens in Vegas… goes viral. At least that’s the case with luxury hotel Mandarin Oriental’s newest amenity: a Moët & Chandon Champagne vending machine which was recently installed on the five star’s 23rd floor and is the first of its kind for public use in the US.

Guests can choose between Moet’s Imperial Brut or Imperial Rose and the machine holds up to 320 mini-bottles of bubbly priced at $20 (€18.95).

To purchase one, however, you’d be required to get a golden token at the front desk, after proving you’re over 21 years of age.

The machine also dispenses miniature flute glasses, just in case you have an emergency toast to make. Thanks to the machine’s technology, the bottles are delicately transported, avoiding shaking them at any point, so your bubbles will reach your hand in perfect shape.

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