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Champagne Six-Packs
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The Most Glamorous Six-Pack Ever Has just Arrived

Forget watery lagers or soft drinks, Moët & Chandon Champagne six-packs are the most glamorous way to get a party started. The recently launched presentation comes in a box including six miniature bottles of Champagne, serving 187 ml each (enough for a standard glass of bubbly).

The packs include golden flute toppers and are priced at $100 (€88.88). They’re currently available online only. “This new take on the classic six-pack is the perfect way to elevate any celebration, allowing guests to enjoy their own personal bottle of champagne”, said the company on a press release referring to the launch.

With summer getting closer to its peak, these Champagne six-packs will be wonderful for outdoors parties and fabulous picnics; as everyone can have their own individual bottles there’s no need for glasses.

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