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You've Been Drinking Champagne the Wrong Way all your Life | Champagne flutes
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You’ve Been Drinking Champagne the Wrong Way all your Life

While the sight of a delicate Champagne flutes awaiting a bubbly serve of Champagne is enough to cause a Pavlovian reaction in wine lovers, the thin and elongated container is not precisely the ideal one to get the most out of fine fizz.

Krug Champagne’s CEO, Maggie Henriquez, brought that issue recently to the world’s attention before the launch of Krug 2004 in Hong Kong. She told The Drinks Business that “flutes are for bad champagne, sorbet or gazpacho, but not to drink Champagne.”

You've Been Drinking Champagne Wrong

She explained that a good Champagne is also a good wine and using flute glass won’t allow you to fully enjoy it. She compared them to “going to a concert with ear plugs” as the glass’ shape prevents the wine’s aromas to reach you fully, muting the real character and diminishing your experience.

So, what to use instead? There are tulip flutes which are a bit wider while still retaining the delicate style, but for a more complex Champagne, a white wine glass is an even better choice. If you get your hands on a vintage Champagne or a particularly premium Champagne, don’t fear a red wine glass.

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