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Chablis Vineyards Devastated by Disastrous Weather Conditions
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Chablis Vineyards Devastated by Disastrous Weather Conditions

You might want to stock up on Chablis as this year the region’s vineyards have been decimated by weather deemed “catastrophic” by the French Farmers Federation.

It started during April, with unusually heavy rain and frosts -excessive rain makes the grapes soak up to much water and therefore the sugars in the fruit become diluted-. Then last month, hailstones ravaged the region’s plants. Just during June alone, the vineyards received rainfall equivalent to six months.

The harvest has been reduced approximately to half of what is expected on an average year, and is to be one of the smallest in the last five decades.

Vice president of the Chablis Commission, Louis Moreau, told Decanter: “There’s no question that 2016 has been difficult and challenging so far with frost, rain, hail and mildew. I can’t recall a vintage like it. Certainly, we have seen nothing like it in the last 40-50 years.”

Producers are still hopeful to get a good vintage with what they have manage to save, but even if that’s the case, prices are likely to go up due to a drop in supply.

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