Celtic Whiskey Launches the Irish Drink Shop Just in Time for Christmas

The Irish Drink Shop will ship nationally and internationally to over 40 countries.

TUESDAY 10th marks the launch of the Irish Drink Shop, the latest brainchild to come from Celtic Whiskey — Ireland’s leading wine and spirit experts. This new online drink shop will strive to deliver the very best of Irish and international drinks along with the unusual and innovative delivered directly to your door. 

A one-stop-shop that will ship internationally a fine selection of Armagnacs to Rums, Grappas to Schnapps and plenty in-between! Over 2000 products, most of which are sourced on the Island of Ireland will feature on the new platform — including both well-loved and craft brands — creating a truly unique online shopping experience for those looking to source their favourite brands, new secret ingredients or simply the perfect gift. 

Managing Director Ally Alpine, founder of the Celtic Whiskey brand(www.celticwhiskeyshop.com), Craft Beers Delivered (www.craftbeersdelivered.com) and now the Irish Drink Shop (www.irishdrinkshop.com) said “The drinks market is ever changing and our dedicated team are alway searching for the latest trends, drinks that capture the senses and ingredients to make any concoction imaginable! That is why we wanted to create a new online platform delivering both Irish and worldwide beverages directly to the customer.”

This year has seen a rise in the number of people staying at home and crafting their own cocktail creations. Therefore, the Irish Drink Shop wanted to include not only a wide range of ingredients but also a fine selection of cocktail equipment, allowing the customer to bring the bar home.
Irish Drink Shop is an online drink shop which strives to deliver the very best of Irish and international drinks along with the unusual and innovative directly to your door that have been created by Celtic Whiskey, Ireland’s leading wine and spirit experts who have been operating since 2003. www.irishdrinkshop.com

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