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Celeriac baked in barley and fermented hay, hazelnut, raw celeriac juice, smoked tea by Chef Mark Moriarty
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Celeriac Baked in Barley & Fermented Hay Recipe by Chef Mark Moriarty

This Celeriac Baked in Barley and Fermented Hay with Hazelnuts and Smoked Celeriac Tea Recipe was created by Chef Mark Moriarty. It was his signature dish in his successful bid to win the title of S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2015. Not one for amateur chefs, this dish is exciting and challenging.

Serves 10


Barley Crust
350g rye flour
130g salt
80g T45 French flour
150g egg white, may need more – judge by eye, dough needs to be pliable

Barley Miso (quick version)
100g barley, toasted
20g Japanese miso
Large handful hay, dried & thermomixed into powder

Baked Celeriac
2 celeriacs, peeled, halved & trimmed to natural shape
100g barley crust
20g barley miso

Pickled Celeriac Sheet:
1 whole celeriac, peeled
50g water
50g white wine vinegar
20g chopped celeriac
50g sugar

Hazelnut Emulsion
10g Dijon mustard
10g white wine vinegar
30g pasteurised egg yolk
500ml hazelnut oil

Toasted Hazelnuts
10g peeled hazelnuts

Crispy Celeriac
½ celeriac, blitzed to a fine crumb in thermomix
300ml vegetable oil

Celeriac Tea
400ml raw celeriac juice
30g toasted hay


Barley Crust
1. Place all the dry ingredients in a Kenwood mixer and mix to a dry but pliable consistency, roll out approx. 3mm thick.

Barley Miso
1. Place the barley in a preheated oven at 200ºC for 20 minutes, until toasted.
2. Cook in salted water until soft.
3. Drain and add to blender along with the hay and blitz to a pulp.
4. Once cooled to a lukewarm temperature, add the miso and mix thoroughly.

Baked Celeriac
1. Blowtorch the trimmed celeriac until blackened, marinate in the barley miso and leave overnight.
2. Roll out the barley crust and cover it with the barley miso.
3. Place the baked celeriac on top of the hay and begin to wrap the crust around it until perfectly smooth parcels are achieved.
4. Bake the parcels at 200ºC for 40 minutes. Remove and open tableside.

Pickled Celeriac Sheet
1. Using a Japanese mandolin, turn the celeriac into sheets, trim the edges and place in a vacuum bag.
2. Heat the water, vinegar, chopped celeriac and sugar until dissolved and place a small amount in the vacuum bags.
3. Compress the sheets and set aside for service.

Hazelnut Emulsion
1. Place the mustard, vinegar and egg yolk in a thermomix and blitz at speed 4.
2. Emulsify with the hazelnut oil and place in a squeezie bottle.

Toasted Hazelnuts
1. Place the hazelnuts on a tray in an oven at 200ºC for 10 minutes, until golden brown.

Crispy Celeriac
1. Add the oil and celeriac to a pot and place on an induction hob.
2. Bring to the boil before reducing heat to a simmer.
3. Stir constantly until celeriac turns golden brown, remove and dry on paper.

Celeriac Tea
1. Bring the raw celeriac juice slowly to the boil in a pot, skimming regularly. When it reaches the boil, remove from the heat, and pass the liquid through a muslin cloth.
2. Place 20g of the toasted hay into the tea and infuse for 30 seconds before passing through a muslin cloth again.
3. Pour the tea into a cast-iron kettle and stuff the lid with 10g of hay; light this on fire
before placing the lid on, in order to lightly smoke the hay, and serve tableside.

To Garnish;
Celery leaves
Remove the sweet light green/yellow leaves from the celery head to use as garnish.

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