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Celebrate the Extraordinary this October with the Wilde Irish Gin Cocktail Kit

In honour of its namesake – the most extraordinary of Irish characters, Wilde Irish Gin is launching a limited-edition cocktail kit on Oscar Wilde’s birthday this October 16th 2020. This also marks the one-year anniversary of Wilde Irish Gin’s flamboyant launch in Ireland at the Cellar Bar in the Merrion Hotel.

As Oscar would say “A man’s face is his autobiography. …” and Wilde Irish Gin certainly tells a story in everything it does. This unique cocktail kit not only features all the elements you need to create the perfect drink at home, but you will also receive a copy of arguably one of his greatest works – The Picture of Dorian Gray. 

The cocktail, which has been commissioned especially for this celebration, is ‘Wilde 16’, a delightful and refreshing mix of Wilde Irish Gin, fresh lime juice, elderflower cordial, prosecco, soda water and fresh mint. This lively cocktail lets the gin’s signature botanicals of the wild mountain purple heather and bitter orange peel really shine through. The cocktail kit ingredients create four serves and is accompanied by an instructional video link to a step by step demonstration by Wilde’s Brand Ambassador Stuart Cullen.

This isn’t just any at-home cocktail experience, unusually, each kit comes with a full 700ml bottle of gin encased in its iconic purple Italian Murano glass to adorn your home. Wilde Irish Gin is distilled by hand in small batches with two copper pot stills to ensure a level of quality that can only result from a Master Distiller’s intuition. 

This extremely limited release ‘Wilde 16 Cocktail Kit’ retails for just €49 (the normal retail price of a bottle on its own) plus delivery and is available to order via The Celtic Whiskey Shop website from 16th October 2020. 

At a particularly arduous time, this kit marries two great Irish works of art and delivers them to your doorstep. So join us in raising a birthday toast to a man whose resilience remains an inspiration to us all.

Wilde Irish Gin, born in Ireland, shared with the world. 

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