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Look no further than M&S to celebrate national burger today. It’s the perfect excuse to go all out and upgrade the humble burger with all the trimmings.

Follow this guide to create the ultimate burger…

It’s important to start with a sturdy bun, and the Smokey Paprika Buns (€1.50/210g) are just that. Big enough to fit everything in, but not too big so you fill up on bread.

As well as a crispy salad, ensure you choose a relish to bring extra sweet and tangy flavours. The Amarillo Chilli Relish (€3.70/200g) is packed full of South American yellow peppers and sweet fried onions making it the ultimate accompaniment.

The perfect cheese topper goes along way. It’s best to choose a sliced firm cheese as it helps to keep the burger intact. Try the Monterey Jack & Applewood Bacon Burger Toppers (€2.90/80g).

As the burger takes centre stage, it’s important you don’t comprise on quality. Choose from Steak & Cheese Burgers (€5.80/454g), Lamb & Mint Burgers €5.80/454g) or for something a little different try a Salmon Slider (€7.50/320g).

And to finish make sure you’re bold with your sauce choice and layer it on the bottom bun. Try the BBQ Guava Ketchup (€3/300g) – it’s bursting with flavour.

All products are available from M&S now.

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