Catherine Fulvio cooks Lamb Korma with Mushroom and Spinach

Catherine Fulvio Video Cookery demonstration. This is a lovely creamy Korma with great flavours. Buy the lamb readily diced or if you have some time, trimmed shoulder will work too.

Find the recipe here:…



“With their manes of thick dark hair, multitude of cookbooks and TV shows to their names, and shared affinity for Italian food, one could easily draw comparisons between Catherine Fulvio and fellow domestic goddess Nigella Lawson. And just like Nigella Catherine know’s how to throw a good dinner party too.

Though rather than ambling through the streets of South West London, picking up hard to find ingredients in Chelsea’s luxury artisan food stores to treat a small group of friends, Catherine grew up making dinner, and lunch and breakfast too, for the guests at her mum’s B&B Ballyknocken House, using the simple fresh produce straight from the family’s farm.

At Ballyknocken, Catherine says if she wasn’t helping her mum in the kitchen, she was giving her dad a helping hand on the farm, and so learnt where good food comes from “by osmosis”. “You learn not only how food is produced but how to get it to the table, and you don’t even realise you are learning that as a child but it does soak in.” Read full interview on TheTaste

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